Irvine Wedding: Bogbain Farm

Ok.  As promised, here are a few shots from The Irvine Wedding up at Bogbain Farm.  Only a few mind as I don’t like to post loads of customers wedding photos. These are just one or two to give an idea of how it went.   It was a great day – the barn knocked me a bit as far as low light goes but I’ll be better prepped next time. The weather was against us then for us then against us but, hey, welcome to Scotland in October.  A trip to the islands for more intimate shots of the Bride & Groom worked well though just before the heavens opened !!

Everyone was beautiful, lots of laughs were had and tears were shed.  Exactly how a wedding should be (and no fights at the dance – WIN).


So without further ado – ALL THE BEST TO MR & MRS IRVINE !! #gin #tichrub

Des & Marion

Castle & Rings

Bridesmaid Transport

You May Now Kiss the Bride

Mr & Mrs Irvine

Champers at The Islands

Happy Couple

Des has in intimate moment with Rolf Harris

Charlies Angels didnt have a look in


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