Ahhhhh people. If there’s one thing I do love to take photographs of its people.  Trees and lakes and puppy-dogs and wabbits are all very well and good but people…….PEOPLE are the really interesting things.  Whether its a posed, ‘smiley’ shot at a wedding or event or whether it’s a captured ‘moment’ in someones life, never to be seen again, I love it, they dont always have to have a musical instrument for me to take interest.  In fact, if truth be told Im veering toward the opposite these days.

peoples (8)

I happened to be looking for a particular photo of Coronation Street script associate, Gareth McLean I’d taken in Edinburgh a couple of years ago and kept stumbling over other ‘people’ photos I liked a lot from the last year or 3.  Guess What ??  I know its crazy talk but I decided Id post a few here……….

Fingers crossed with the move to the new dontblog Towers I will be experimenting a little more with portrait and other person-based work.  Its something I’ve always been interested in – now to master the lighting etc.  Must have a chat with Mrs dontblog regarding this spare room & dining room vs music room & photography studio scenario (I’ve a feeling I wont win this one)

For some reason I seem to post a lot of people pics over on 500px. Link on the sidebar over thar somewhar….. »»»»»

peoples (1)

peoples (10)

peoples (9)

peoples (7)

peoples (6)

peoples (5)

peoples (4)

peoples (3)

peoples (2)


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