Some shots from the last couple years of The Baxters Loch Ness Marathon.

Unsure exactly why I felt like posting this.  I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the body of work I have sitting on external storage, strewn around the many, many rooms, estate and outhouses here at dontblog Towers (no, really) and one of my favourite shots I’ve ever taken has to be this one……………………

runners (15)

This is a great example of ‘right place – right time‘ kinda shot.  The really clever bit is that its ME that’s in the right place and I happen to have a camera in my hand and have pressed the shutter at this exact moment. See, there are a few other factors involved that just being there, watching.  I have no idea who the man or woman are in the shot.  If you know them gimme a shout.  This is my favourite kind of photography.  A moment in time – that’s essentially what every photograph is, a recording of light – but there are moments you lie about in wet fields waiting for sunrise or sunset or there are these,  moments you grab from time !!  Does that make sense ?

I love the 50mm.  This was using the trusty Nikon D40 – a great wee camera – but there are others in this series/collection/set, whatever you want to call it, taken with the Nikon D200. I’ve given them all a black and white treatment (just in case you’re watching in colour – the blue ball is just behind the pink – eh?).  I personally think the monochrome works with these style of images – I could be wrong and it wouldn’t be the first time.  Anyway – some photos.  That’s all they are.  Something a bit different from the incessant stream of gig stuff.  Everyone seems to be at that nowadays !!

runners (2)

Roll on September 28th 2014 so I can wander along with the 7100 and see whats what.  Whatever I shoot with its always amazing to see the courage and determination of the entrants.  Absolute pleasure !!

Now if you’re not sure just exactly what I’m wittering on about then head over here for a look and find out more about the LOCH NESS MARATHON

runners (14)

The monster is not the only long-running legend in the area, as Loch Ness is also home to one of the best marathons in the UK. It is the biggest in Scotland which takes place in a rural setting, and brings lots of opportunities for all kinds of runners to take part – either in the marathon or one of the associated running events.”

runners (1)

runners (3)

runners (6)

runners (13)

runners (7)

runners (4)

runners (11)

runners (8)

runners (10)

runners (12)

runners (5)

runners (9)


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