Bella Italia (this has nothing to do with pizza)

Back in 2009 I got married and later that year Mrs Dontblog and myself jetted off to Italy for a honeymoon – Tuscany to be exact – and travelled around for two weeks. Italy is an amazing place for photography in every way but in particular the places I never thought Id appreciate – the cathedrals, the small chapels and most of all the mighty Vatican City.

I still relied on the Nikon D40 back then (still love it if truth be told) and all I was packing lens-wise was the kit 18 – 55mm and a Tamron 70 – 300. Also still very much a novice – its interesting looking back at these photos and compare them with how I shoot now – I still think I’m shit but there’s a vast difference between the two levels of shit.

It was also during the time spent in Rome that I decided that I had to change over to RAW for shooting.  Unfortunately I hadn’t fully grasped the idea that I could actually keep the RAW files and converted everything to jpeg on my return to Scotland – duh !!  Id love to be able to see some of my black and whites with the colour in them.  Now, of course, I have terrabytes of RAW files and can convert, edit, chop and change to my hearts content.  Anyway – I’m rambling.


There you go – that was all just a long-winded way of saying “here are some photos of Italy“.  there’s a lot to go through so I may make this a two parter………..isn’t that exciting.  A sequel.  Oh, and there was pizza after all 🙂

More Italian Imagery to be found over in this flickr set





End of Part One……….to be continued………..etc etc……..stay tuned for more scooters and pasta


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