Images of a big apple

Now then.  Waaaaay back in 1987 I spent a week in New York City in Mericur.  It was at the same time as Micheal Fish made that brilliant prediction that Britain would be fine and then the weather promptly brought the country to a standstill.

Yellow Cab

I really really wish Id been into photography back then but I wasn’t so no sense in crying over spilt pretzels, hot dogs and root beer.  I am, however, into it nowadays and have just had a look through the small collection of images that I got round to digitimificationalizing using a scanning device.  (I’m sure there are more in a box somewhere marked for scanning – one of these days eh).  I don’t even remember the type of camera I used – it may have been a really awful 110 film thing – long and slim type affair – maybe not.  Its 30 years ago.


Anyway – some of these I really like.  You’ll have to excuse the blemishes etc but I have pointed out that I’m lazy.  I can’t be arsed with all that fannying about in Photoshop to remove such things as drawing pin holes from all the cork boards I’ve had them stuck to since taking them etc.  It all adds to their charm – for me anyway.  I’ve hit a couple with a black and white preset in Lightroom just to see how that swings – looks ok – otherwise they are as taken, scanned and posted.  I think they look pretty good but pretty goodness is in the eye of the beholdifier innit ??  I spent a lot of the time looking up.  Thats New York for you.  Enjoy !!

New York oct 87 d

New York oct 87 c

New York oct 87 b

New York oct 87

New York oct 87 k

New York oct 87 j

New York oct 87 g



No Standing

Nikon Sizzler



Madison Squ2

New York


Washington Square


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