Rigs, Boots, Robins and Tense Legs

I do like a wee trip up the Black Isle.  Any-time of the year is good – it’s a very photogenic place !!  First weekend of the year took myself and the dontblog family on a sojourn to Cromarty and Fortrose.  Fresh (very cold) air for us all and a chance for me to find out a bit more of what the D7100 is capable of.


Before I plaster your screen with Sundays photos I’ll fire a couple up from 2009, February to be exact, of my mate Al’s rig when it was in for a bit of a refurb.  The Glomar Arctic II is of the Friede & Goldman L-907 design and was built in Sweden in 1982 so by 2009 it was probably needing a good spring clean – bit whiffy.  We went up to wave to the poor alcohol-denied buggers on there before going for a bar lunch but I, of course, had the D40 in tow – it was only months old at the time.  Posted some pics on flickr and thought no more of it until a Texan company contacted me and offered to pay me for the use of one of my images on a safety related site.  Naeeeeeeeeeee bother Tex, I says and stupidly charged them a pittance for the privilege !!  Dammit !!  Heres the image……….if you look closely there are thirsty Macduffers to be seen.

It’s still online too HERE – I’m from Iverness apparently, I do like a typo !!  Here are another couple from back in 2009 taken with Nikon D40 and the solid 18 – 55mm kit lens.

Black Isle

Black Isle_8

And now onto last weekends shots with the D7100.  I packed my Sigma 28 – 135mm and Nikon 50mm but, as has been the way so far since buying the new kit, I used only the Nikon 18 – 140mm it came with.  It just seems to work so well with the D7100.  So much so I’ve barely experimented with my other glass – I think the 50mm needs to be played with on the new body for sure.  Its time will come !!

cromrigs (6)

My favourite from the day has to be the robin on the boots – see above –  but I also love to look at the colossal legs in the bay (ooh matron), remnants of the Hutton TLP installation.  Funnily enough my only attempt to get myself offshore was when I was about 16 or 17 and I boldly called someone at, I think, Dan Smedvig and said Id heard they were ‘crewing up the Hutton TLP‘ and Id be interested in a job……..’.  The guy asked me what TLP stood for and I hadn’t a clue.  To this day I have never been offshore – oh well.  Here are all the details I should have had at hand back then.  And here are some photos of those legs, those boots and other Black Isle stuff from last week !! We finished off with a brief and unsuccessful dolphin hunt at Chanonry before my bellys growls were bothering Fort Georges foundations.  Henjoy 🙂

cromrigs (1)

Loads more of this kind of thing over on the flickr site in a set called imaginatively Scotland (North)

cromrigs (8)

cromrigs (7)

cromrigs (5)

cromrigs (4)

cromrigs (3)

cromrigs (2)

cromrigs (10)

cromrigs (9)

AACoC 2010 Energy Conference


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