The Great White North

Following on from the recent ‘I Went to New York ‘ here is an ‘I’ve been to Canada and also took some pics‘.

This was back in May of 88 and was mainly for a family wedding but I was lucky enough to get ferried round by family and friends to see some sights and do stuff like get drunk, miss trains and generally fall in love with Canada in general !!

By the time I get this post finished there will probably be a few from my second visit in 1990/91.  More of the same ensued then but a lot more travelling was on the cards second time round.  Unfortunately I just don’t have many of the photos that were taken during the 90/91 trip in Canada or USA – gutted.  Never mind though – here’s one from the States that still exists.

Me @ Alamo

Again, I don’t remember what I used to take these – it may have actually been a 35mm this time, Minolta rings a bell. I’ve left the blemishes from the original prints due to extreme laziness on the post-process side of things but some of these shots especially those of the sunrise over American Falls at Niagara are some of my all time favourites. Another amazing country to be wandering around in with a camera of any kind.  These shots will probably mean a lot more to me than you and essentially they’re not that good but I’m posting them anyway – vanity project alert !!  Feel free to ignore

At Roseneath

Baltimore tree

Olympic Stadium Montreal 1



Niagara 5

Niagara 9

American Falls 4

Niagara 1

Niagara 4

Niagara 7

Niagara 8

roseneath 2

Niagara 12


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