No Lists – Im Lazy

I cant do lists – I suck at it.  There are loads and loads of brilliant music out there this year.  You can find examples of them all in other peoples 2014 Lists – try NETSOUNDS, SCOTTISH FICTION, THE HERALD to name but 3 which are excellent gauges for the current burgeoning (as ever) Scotttish Scene.

Me ?  I’ve picked 3 that I’ve listened to constantly this year and I think you should too if you haven’t already !!  Simple as that. I’m not even going to waffle on about them in any way.  The music speaks for itself so go and have a chat with it !!

Here they are – enjoy and all the best from the entire team here at Dontblog Towers (ie Me). Lets hope 2015 is groovy as fuck !!

IAIN MCLAUGHLIN & THE OUTSIDERS – Falling Through the Dark (ok its an EP but its my page and Ill shout about what I want.  Listen to it once then listen to it again and that’s about the length of an album 🙂  )

CALL TO MIND – The Winter is White 

STANLEY ODD – A Thing Brand New






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