Bella Rehearsals

Its that time again.  Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival is upon us and last week my Netsounds muckers and I converged on Room 2 at Inverness Ironworks to have a ‘technical rehearsal’.  This year we are spending a couple of days in a lovely teepee (tipi ?), triangular tent affair with a load of gadgets that record sound and pictures.  Our intention is to record some musicians making musics.

A successful rehearsal – everything worked – and I got to mess about with my studio lights for a change.  Intention is to use them at Belladrum for illuminating the video rather than as flash units but I couldn’t help myself having a bit of a play down at the Ironworks.

I’m now desperate for an actual project to use the lights for as up till recently I’ve been an avid user of ‘natural light’ which is supposedly a great line used by those who don’t understand flash.  This is true to a certain extent but I don’t use it much as I don’t usually like the results – there’s definitely an art to the use of studio lighting which I need to explore more.  Anyway – here are a couple of the resulting videos along with some stills, some with lighting, some without.

Big thanks to Netsounds, Graham Brown our audio engineer,  The Ironworks, Dr Wook and Silver Coast.

Cheers !!










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