Vinyl Junkies of the Highlands, Unite !

Had the pleasure of attending an utterly inspired evening of music recently here in Inverness.  The guys at Union Vinyl and Creative Skate Store got together and threw a night of vinyl listening, playing and appreciating at the Phoenix Bar.  You basically get 20 minutes or so of your own vinyl together, stick your name on the list, turn up, buy a beer and play your tunes to an audience who wants to listen.  Not too loud – not too quiet.  Punters even managed to have conversation while listening to an eclectic mix of 70’s funk, 60’s soul, hip-hop, metal and everything in between along with a wee live set from Dr Wook. Bring Your Own Vinyl was one of the best nights out I’ve had in a while – just sorry I’ve only managed to attend the inaugural night so far.  There’s a brilliant and talented  community of vinyl heads here in the city with some amazing collections just screaming to be heard.

20150725-_DSC1805 20150725-_DSC1812 20150725-_DSC1883 20150725-_DSC1888 20150725-_DSC1897 20150725-_DSC1901 20150725-_DSC1909 20150725-_DSC1920 20150725-_DSC1944 20150725-_DSC1949 20150725-_DSC1954 20150725-_DSC1970 20150725-_DSC2195 20150725-_DSC2201


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