RSD 2016

For the non-vinyl junkies among you, myself included, RSD of course stands for Record Store Day.  This is the one day a year when proper vinyl heads go nuts with a few hundred quid and buy loads of special editions, gather at their local record store to discuss the demise of the download and generally worship the black plastic music storage device kinda thing.  Me ?  I bloody love it.  There’s always some good tunes to be had and interesting folk to point a camera at.  As for buying vinyl its always at the wrong time of the month for me and I still like CD’s and that sort of thing. I do have a record collection, or rather wreckord collection – nuff said.  Ill drag myself back into the 20th century slowly but surely.

Nigel Graham, Union Vinyl, is our friendly, local Inverness Recordstorekeeper and this year he had a brand spanking new shop to show off as well as a few grands worth of doozies for the punters to drool over.  Cracking afternoon of music from the IMOUT Records gang too.  Happy days.

Heres some imagery from the day.


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