Strictly Ballroom

The whole Strictly Come Dancing phenomenon has largely passed me by due to my complete lack of interest in whether Bruno likes your moves or Len wants to give you ten but, bizarrely I found myself in attendance when Inverness’ own version, Strictly Inverness kicked off this years fund raising effort.

I was there, of course, to shoot my pals over at Performers UK when they appeared on the opening night of this years event. The Highland News Group-backed dance extravaganza has now generated more than half a million quid for Highland Hospice and Inverness Ice Centre in 7 years. Not bad, not bad at all.

Team PUK had two routines on the night and both were pretty spectacular – a Tricks & Tumbles freak out followed by a Concise History of Britney Spears.  Fairly sure both routines had proper names but, as always, I’m not one for the fine details.  If I’m totally honest I quite enjoyed the experience.  Bit of a challenge as I didn’t know the routines so wasn’t sure where to point the camera during the short, action packed sets.  Hoping to become more involved as time goes on so that future ‘gigs’ such as this will find me better prepped as to what I need to look for.

All shot using Nikon D7100 and Sigma 18 – 50 2.8.


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