Vintage Vinyl, Inverness

Don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, have I mentioned it before?  I’m going to mention it now anyway.  Inverness has a rather cool wee (not so wee actually) scene going on based around two decks, boxes of vinyl records and zero boomtissboomtissboomtisswubwubwub etc.  Now I’m in no way against a bit of EDM, I bloody love it in fact but I’m not compatible with the dance moves involved with electronic dance.  I like a bit of a shuffle and a spin so the Vintage Vinyl nights in Inverness are just the ticket for an old codger like meself.


Refreshing to be able to just have a wee boogie and a bop around to stuff I love to listen to and, even better, stuff LIKE I love to listen to but have never heard before and the guys at VV are serious vinyl junkies and have some wonderful hidden gems in their collection.

Anyway – enough Sunday morning ramble from me.  This, as always, is just an excuse to post photos – if you weren’t already aware, its what I do.  If you are local to Inverness, live in the area or might end up visiting anytime soon go and check out the FB page and come for a dance sometime.



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