Bwani Junction | Inverness Ironworks

I kept hearing that one of the highlights of last year (2016) Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival was Edinburgh band, Bwani Junction performing Paul Simon’s Graceland in its entirety.  They brought the show to the Ironworks last week so I thought Id better find out what all the fuss was about.


Brace yourself for another world famous one word review – bloodyamazingandreallystunning !!  There, one word reviews are a thing.  What a great night.  A seated gig but the cabaret style tables and nice wee tea candles got largely ignored after the first 2 or 3 songs and the audience got right into it.  No barrier either so I, possibly cheekily – I’m sure I’ll find out, just shot the whole gig.  It wasn’t a long one – its a pretty short album.  We were even treated to a repeat of the ‘Al song’ as an encore.

Cheers to Steve at 2010 and TeamIronworks for letting me do my thing.

More photos on flickr

They’re taking it to Skye Live in September so if you are up near the Islands at all………



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