Public Image Ltd | Inverness Ironworks

The legendary John Lydon returned to Inverness in August and packed the gaff out again.  PIL are quite amazing live.  Lydon has the audience in the palm of his hand throughout, well, apart from the nob-heads who decided it was cool to lob pints at the man himself.  One connected with  guitarist, Lou Edmonds, a few went here and there and the final straw for John was one making its way to him.  Gig stopped, band off, bye bye Inverness.  Fortunately they did return to the stage and finished the otherwise flawless set.  Worst bit was poor John ended up blaming the wrong side of the audience for the misdemeanour – cue lots of frantic waving and pointing at the other side of the hall.

Public Image Ltd - 28082018 (38).jpg

With the price of beer what it is these days why the hell would you waste it by chucking it stage-ward at a gig.  Poor show.  Fingers crossed this doesn’t put them off returning again.  Another brilliant coup for the Ironworks.

Public Image Ltd - 28082018 (6)_1.jpg

Anyway, here are some photos of the event.  Sadly I didn’t manage to get any out back when I bumped into John when he arrived.  The side door of his vehicle opened as I was making my way from the car park and there was Mr Lydon staring me straight in the face.  A very quick ‘Awrite John’ got me a look and a grunt before he was whisked away to prep for the gig.  Ach well – opportunity missed but Im not one for bugging the guys when they are clearly not up for it.

Nikon D500  |  Sigma 24 – 70
Images copyright © Al Donnelly / houdi




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