Robin Abbot EP Launch | Inverness Ironworks

Robin Abbot, officially the hardest working musician in Inverness and quite possibly beyond, further afield and possibly some other places for that matter, erm, possibly.  Lush Rollers, Mystic Shoes, Dorec-A-Belle, Stetsonhead and Punching Elvis all benefit from Robins talents on a regular basis.  He’s a 20 year overnight sensation that’s played with everyone and their dog, even me, and earlier this year he finally got his arse in gear to record and release some of his own material with Charlies Ranch in the form of a 5-track EP, If Not Now?

Recorded at Imout Studios here in sunny Inverness and launched at Inverness Ironworks where he was joined on the bill by fellow Imout recording artist Dr Wook and label supremo, producer, teaboy and sweeper upper,  Iain McLaughlin.

Nikon D500

Images copyright © Al Donnelly / houdi


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